How it works



How it works?

How it work, it's very simple. 

Just plugin the pre-programmed Android device to the HDMI Port on your TV and connect to your internet connection either by WIFI or Ethernet cable.

Turn on the device and click on Live TV. From there you will have access to all 2500 Live IPTV channels including Video on Demand with all your favorite TV Shows, Movies and Sports .


Already Have an Android Device/TV Box/ Tablet/Phone 

We can help you program your own device.

Our agents will assist you in setting up the software and connecting the 

ONX IPTV service.

There is a 1 time minimal cost associated with helping you Setup.

Try our 30 days trial for 10$ 

Plus configuration if required

Click here to speak to a Live Agent 


What is ONX IPTV Box?​

 At the moment we can use any android device, Amazon Fire Stick included  in any case you already have a android device you don't need to buy the ONX device simply get in contact with us, and we will guide you throw the procedure, help you install the software and provide the Live IPTV Subscription in 5 -15 minutes. 

Get access to 2500 channels worldwide.

Check out the full channel list here.

Basically we can install IPTV software on any device android and connected to the server that provides all the service. 

So what is ONX IPTV Box? It's any Android device with the ONX IPTV software already programmed and ready to go. Fully loaded with all the features. It's exactly like any android device, you get access to all the same factory application, we just add a powerful IPTV software. Super charging your android. Backed by a 1-Year warranty on all devices, Signal protection and 10 days Money Back Guaranty. If you buy our devices 




Absolutely  , so easy to use , the software act exactly like any TV cable provider system, you get TV Guide and more features depending on the device.

The devices we use are only the best. We've tested many models for reliability and user friendliness. So you don't need to worry about the device failing you or not knowing how to use it. 

​User friendly for everyone!

You don't need to be tech savvy.

Check out the video demo here.

Our Guaranty: 

1 Year Warranty on Device

10 Days Money Back Guaranty  Only on All Devices

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